August 13, 2012


Due to heavy school works, I seldom watch anime compared to last time... :/

I just finished Mirai Nikki and K-on movie last few weeks! Ichiban Ippai is the best song among the other K-on's songs!!! ^^

Currently, I'm watching  Dusk Maiden of Amnesia 黄昏乙女×アムネジア and I really love its ending - Calendrier (Yuuko version)! Although the melody is quite sad, I actually like this song very much.. :) The story is pretty sad when the truth of Yuuko's dead was revealed. :/ Somemore!! I really love a scene from episode one which is when Yuuko did the "nekomimi"!!! Awwwww!!! so kawaiiii!! I can't resist to click the replay button again and again!  Yuuko is really cute!

I'm waiting for Accel world episode 18 to be released...It's a really nice and exciting anime. Haruyuki-kun is such a lucky guy!! haha! Mysterious girlfriend is not bad as well~ Arghhh~~so many anime(s) to catch up!!!!!!! I hate studies! exams are around the corner..TT

Although exams are coming soon, I'm still playing with my cosplay stuff everyday....OH MY...Im gonna fail..definitely...

This is one of my favourite characters - Kuroneko form Oreimo :) I cosplay-ed as her during during an event - C2age at Tropicana CIty Mall a few months ago. People commented that I should use red lens instead of purple lens because the purple colour is not very obvious...Kuroneko's eyes are in violet's really hard for me to find violet colour lens )
I have bought a new wig and a pair of red lens and did a makeup test for Kuroneko yesterday xD

I knew I have ruined the character..I'm sorry...

This two pics below were taken during event time...
(not going to show my previous cosplay photos cause I don't even know how to makeup at that time and I'm sure I have ruined the characters that I have cosplay-ed. Im not pretty as well TT)
Photos credits to FroGy Chong and Wings Su

Last two months, my friend and I went for photoshoots..My friend is really beautiful :) :) :)

Photos taken by Hibiki (H.T Production) and Hexlord (Black Rabbit Photography)
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